Metal-free Zirconia dental crowns

Metal-free Zirconia dental crowns

Some of the teeth that have received root canal treatment should be covered. A dental crown that imitates the original tooth is the solution. The main reason for adding the dental crown is the need to protect the tooth from fracturing and to create a reconstruction of the natural tooth shape so that the teeth can continue to function. In addition, some of the teeth that undergo root canal treatment will change their shade and become gray. This causes an aesthetic defect, especially for the front teeth. The main challenge of the treatment is putting on a dental crown that will look natural and be impossible to discern.. Alternatively, you can perform teeth whitening so they become whiter than the crown.

The main challenge – what are Zirconia veneers?

A Zirconia dental crown is suitable in situations where a root canal treatment has been performed, the amount of the remaining tooth is small and the crown is weak. The treatment is done to allow us to enjoy a healthy and aesthetically-pleasing oral cavity.. But at the end of the day, without the dental crown in place, we can’t enjoy a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. The dental crown allows us to secure the treatment results, And, at the same time, enjoy aesthetically-appealing looks. The goal of the treatment is to create a dental crown that will look natural and will not be noticed by others. With this in mind, it is put in place with perfect precision with respect to the location and color of the teeth. It cannot be lighter or darker, and it is fitted individually. After successful completion of the treatment, we can walk around with a broad, happy smile, knowing that no one will notice that we have done dental work or that a crown or a few crowns were fitted in our mouth.  

Metal-free dental crowns – Zirconia and Emax

Some of the teeth that have received a root canal treatment need to be covered by a dental crown that imitates the original tooth. The main reason for doing it in the back teeth is to protect the tooth from fracturing and to restore its natural shape so that it can continue to function properly.

Some of the front teeth that received root canal treatment change their color and turn gray. The crown is intended to correct this aesthetic defect.

The main challenge is to fit a dental crown that will look natural and that no one will be able to notice, in fact. Today’s advanced technology allows us to use Zirconia or EMAX metal-free dental crowns that we can adjust with maximum precision, making them look like natural teeth.

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