Restoration of front teeth with composite materials

Restoration of front teeth with composite materials

There are certain cases where it is not necessary to wrap an entire tooth with porcelain veneers, but only part of it.

Examples of this include a small fracture on the tooth or gaps between the teeth, while the underlying tooth has a normal shape and color.

In these situations, teeth can be repaired with white composite filling materials.

Dr. Gilad Fiskus learned the method of layered tooth restoration from Prof. Lorenzo Vanini in northern Italy.

The method is based on imitating the natural layers of the tooth, using filling materials. The natural tooth is made up of several layers and sections between them.

Imitating nature, we build each tooth layer with composite materials that are similar in their physical, light-reflecting and light-refracting properties to the natural tooth. This way we get perfect results and a natural look.

Closing tooth gaps before and after

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