Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

White teeth are sexy, young, refreshing and beautiful. The original color of our natural teeth tends to have a yellowish, grayish or brown shade. It depends on many factors, but mainly on our genetics, brushing habits and the food colorings present in foods and drinks that we consume. Today, Dr. Gilad Fiskus can easily and safely whiten up almost any tooth shades, changing them to a bright and winsome white.

The safe and effective method, whose results will last for years, is the technique involving special personal braces that Dr. Gilad has developed. The desired teeth color can be reached in a short period of time that will take about 3 weeks. Inside the custom-made braces for each patient, we place a few small drops of the whitening agent, which starts the whitening process. In essence, it is hydrogen peroxide, in concentrations that continue to change throughout the process, and it penetrates into the inner part of the tooth, the dentin. Dentin contains pigment molecules that determine the color of the tooth. The whitening agent breaks down the pigment molecules, making the tooth look whiter. The agent is safe to use, does not cause any damage to the tooth enamel and is approved by the Ministry of Health.

Please, remember – In order for the teeth whitening to last for years, it must be properly maintained and the maintenance is very simple. Keep the braces at home and put them on with a whitening agent once every few months in high concentration, for one hour only.

As long as you do teeth whitening maintenance and follow Dr. Gilad’s instructions on brushing your teeth, the whitening will last for many years.

Another whitening method is rapid whitening with double the light frequency. You get the amazing results within an hour. However, the results will not last long, and the treatment is suitable for the patient that wants to arrive at an upcoming event with sparkling teeth.

It is also possible to combine the two methods, i.e. whiten the teeth immediately, within an hour, and prepare a personal brace for the patient, who will then carry out the home whitening procedure for one week only, using a high concentration of the whitening agent.

It is important to remember that, in this case also, the results will last a long time only provided we maintain them exactly as explained in the first method.

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